Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ready for a pumpkin

There may be hope after all.  Monday, there was one.  On Tuesday, there were two.

Today, there are lots.

The leaves are starting to fall!  Even though it's only the end of July and even though it's 100+ degrees every day, there is hope.  Fall is just around the corner.   And I can't wait!

I have to admit though, I look at those leaves with mixed emotions.  As excited as I am to think that this summer heat may leave us soon, there is the matter of those leaves.  It won't be long before those five or six leaves multiply to five or six thousand.  Five or six thousand a day.   But then I remind myself,  I went through 21 hours of labor 16+ years ago just so I'd have a strapping teenaged son to be in charge of yard work.  Oh yeah!  Bring on Fall!

 Do you think it's too early to buy a pumpkin?

Max says he's ready for cooler weather & candy bucket raids.  He's thinking about dressing up as a green-eyed cat this year.

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