Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jeannie Gray Knits

This blog was supposed to be about my life in general, not solely about knitting.  And that seems to be what it has turned into.  So, I have started a new blog for all the knitting babble.  If you are interested, please visit me at Jeannie Gray Knits.  I'm sure my knitting will still get mentioned here, because let's face it, when am I not talking about knitting?  But hopefully having the two separated, I can, and will, ramble on here about running and cooking and eating and homeschooling and all the other things that go on in my life here.

I hope you will join me on both sites, but in the mean time, I'm about to set off on an adventure in the living room.  There's a weird buzzing/scraping sound.  Sort of like the ceiling fan is running, except it's not.  I sure hope it's not bees chewing through our wall or something crazy like that.  Wish me luck.  And can anyone tell me, why do I only hear strange noises when Hubby isn't home to deal with them?  I'm not a big fan of strange noises and don't like having to deal with them on my own.  Once again, I find myself asking, would it be bad parenting if I made my child go check it out?

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