Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frugal or insane?

Remember that song... 57 channels and there's nothing on?  Well, that's pretty much how we feel about our T.V. service, except there are 900 channels and there's still nothing on.  Nothing worth the $75 we are charged each month anyway.  So, we've made the decision to disconnect our T.V.  


The first T.V. free week will be pretty rough for all of us, but we'll adjust.  We've been without before.  Actually, I'm sort of looking forward to no T.V.  It tends to suck me in and I waste way too many hours each day sitting in front of it.  The kids, well, they'll suffer a bit, but with school starting before long, they'll have other things to do anyway.  And Hubby will still get to watch the football games either at the local pub, a friend's house or at his mom's.  Most Sunday's find us at his mom's house anyway and she always has the football game on.  The races too, for that matter.

So, wish us luck.  I'm sure there will be quite a few posts about how bored we are in the beginning and later, what we are doing to fill the time.  Who knows.  Maybe I'll actually get the house cleaned, the closets organized, the books read and the gazillion craft projects finished.  Or not.

And just think of all the new yarn, books and closet filler I can buy with an extra $75 a month.  :)

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