Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Electric plug madness

Minnie is obsessed with our TV’s electric plug.  She spends hours and hours a day staring at it, whining to it and unfortunately, clawing and biting it.  It seems she’s trying to unplug the TV.  Perhaps we watch too much TV and don’t spend quite enough time throwing the ball for her.  We do, however, tend to eat in front of the TV, and if we eat, she eats, so I don’t know what her problem is.  

At first, she only clawed at it.  She clawed at the outlet cover so much that she eventually pulled it partially off the wall and broke it in half.  I can’t believe she didn’t electrocute herself in the process.  I practically electrocute myself just plugging or unplugging an appliance and I have opposable thumbs!  

Once she had the cover off and it was just the plug and the exposed outlet there, she started trying to bite it.   She bites at the plug and pulls, like she’s trying to unplug the TV.  I really can’t believe she hasn’t electrocuted herself doing this.  
And how do we make her stop??

 Here, she’s trying to sneak under the table to get to the plug because we’ve blocked her other means of access.

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  1. Dunno how to make her stop, I'd be willing to bet the plug makes some kind of sound that only she can hear...anyway, thanks for the reminder! I'm supposed to put together a powerpoint presentation on electical safety for our safety meeting at work next week! YIPES! Better get busy!!!