Monday, August 9, 2010

Drivers Ed

Phew!  I'm finally finished planning the coming school year.  I may have to make a few adjustments though.  It's looking like I've got about three years worth of history crammed into one for each of the kids.   Oops.  But other than that, it should be a good year.  Everything else seems quite doable.

Everything that is except the Drivers Ed.  Z gets his learners permit in a few weeks (assuming he passes the test) and as homeschoolers, we've opted to teach him at home instead of paying someone else to do it.  We've got the state approved curriculum which seems easy enough and yet, OMG!   Driver's Ed!  Aack!!  

Part of me has total confidence in his abilities.  He's been driving since he was old enough to walk.  First, he drove the Rescue Rider, a self-propelled riding toy, next it was a tricycle, then a bicycle, then an ATV, the lawn mower and a tractor.  He's even driven a backhoe and steered a great big dump truck.  He's got great hand/eye coordination.  The boy can drive.  And yet....  

And then there's the actual Drivers Ed curriculum.   It looks like it might be a bit mind numbing.  There are specific lessons you have to provide and a specific amount of time you have to spend doing them.  During the first lesson, the student must spend two hours learning to put on his seat belt, adjusting his seat and mirrors and practicing putting the car into Drive.  Two whole hours of that?  Aack!

The next lesson takes 3 hours during which time you move forward in a parking lot, moving at a speed of 10 mph and then 15 mph.  Three hours of driving 15 miles per hour?  It just might be worth paying someone to teach him!

Next comes learning to drive in reverse, then how to park, how to drive on the interstate and how to skid, hydroplane and drive off-road.  Now, that might be a fun lesson.  As long as we are in my husband's car, not mine.  I'm pretty sure I don't want my son learning to hydroplane off the road in my car.

Hmm...  Do you think it  would be horrible of me to hope and pray he flunks the learners permit test?

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