Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 6 - Gloating

Yesterday, I was reminded of a tradition my sister and I used to have.  My kids were comparing stocking size.  Who had the biggest?  Zack’s is wider but Sarah’s is slightly longer.  They duked it out for a while and even got their father involved in the measurements.  The argument came to a close when Sarah announced that it didn’t matter if hers looks slightly smaller, hers always contains better gifts.  And with that, she stomped off.  Argument over.
My sister & I didn’t compare stockings, we compared gifts.  Specifically, the size of the gifts.  We didn’t care if one of us got more than the other, or the cost of the gifts.  We simply wanted long gifts.  As soon as the presents started piling up, we’d start gloating.  We’d draw a starting line on the living room carpet, and start lining our gifts up end to end.  Who ever had the longest line of gifts won.  We’d do this daily.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  And while we may have dreamed of receiving ear rings for Christmas, we asked for brooms, mops, yard sticks or hoola-hoops.  Anything that might give us an edge to the Gloat.
Merry Christmas, Cary!

And Santa, I wouldn't mind receiving some grout around the fireplace tiles.  :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a hoot! My sisters and I usually got the same things, so there never was any comparison. The one next tome in age and I got the same dolls, same PJs, same books (or at least we each got books) wrapped in the same kind of packages. Very egalitarian parents I guess.

    When my kids were growing up we wrapped their presents in disguise. A CD might come in an old coffee maker box. With a brick in it. And some pennies to jingle.

    That was way more fun!

    But no gloating!