Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 5 - Leroy

Meet Leroy.  My sister is ten years older and when I was somewhere between six and ten, she bought me a wooden Christmas ornament kit to paint.  This was one of the ornaments and it became my father's favorite.  Dad named him Leroy and Leroy always had to be hanging on the tree so that he was clearly visible from Dad's chair.  I have no idea why Dad liked this particular ornament so much.  Maybe I'd attached it to Dad's gift so it was officially "his."  Or not.  I really don't remember.  I just remember how funny Dad was about insisting he be able to see Leroy.  Now, Leroy has become as important to me, if not more so, because he reminds me of my dad.  Merry Christmas, Dad.  I miss you!

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  1. I think the ornaments that remind us of people are the best. I cried like a baby when my son's red Play-doh stars came out of the tissue paper in crumbles a few years ago. Bless him, he offered to make me more.

    I am glad that you have this memory of your Dad to cherish at Christmas. Oh, and I like your tree! Looks like Mike found a fluffy Noble for you! We did, too. It isn't decorated yet - THAT is a process at our house.