Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 11 -

This is not the prettiest ornament I have but if the stories are correct, it belonged to my great grandmother, which makes it close to, if not more than, 100 years old.  The face is made of wax while the clothes are velvet.  I’m not sure if it’s handmade or not.  The clothing looks like it probably is, but the detail in the face makes me wonder.     My grandmother was quite artistic though, so perhaps her mother was too.  Anyway, even though this one creeps me out a little, it’s proudly hung on our tree each year.
I never knew my great grandmother, but my grandmother is one of those people who, when I think of them, a zillion different memories zoom through my brain.  There were the summers I spent with her at the river, there was her famously bad driving, there was the story about her sliding down the steps on a crib mattress, and the story of her chasing a bat around the inside of her house.  And her house, I'll never forget the way her house smelled.  Sort of a perpetual essence of baked macaroni and cheese.  

Merry Christmas, Ti.  I miss you!

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  1. I love old and old-fashioned ornaments. Wish I could see the face more clearly on this one....I'm betting it;s hand-made. People took the time to learn how to do things "back in the day" (like when I was a kid!) and there are a surprising number of fantastic handmade things from years gone by.

    And where does the name "Ti" come from???