Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 12 - Merry Marital Bliss

After we had our first child, I decided to leave the work force and stay home with him.  I had a little trouble adjusting to being home with a newborn.  I loved spending time with my child, but I missed the social aspects of going to work each day, not to mention the paycheck.  And now that I look back, I realize that I was probably having some hormonal, “baby blues” problems too.  In an effort to cheer me up, my dear sweet husband gave me a diamond tennis bracelet for Christmas.  A bracelet I’d always wanted, but one we could NOT afford.  Without telling him I was going to do it, I returned the bracelet and replaced it with the cheapest thing the store had in stock - a plain gold wedding band.  I then went to the bank and made a couple of mortgage payments with the refunded money.  I was scared to death to tell Mike what I’d done, but it turns out he was pretty relieved.  He said that he’d gotten a rather sick feeling the moment he’d walked out of that store with the bracelet.  So, now, I wear the cheap wedding ring every day with pride.   Merry Christmas, Mike.  I love you!

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  1. What a great present you each gave to each other! And what a sweet way to remind yourself every day of the loving way that Mike tried to cheer you up.