Friday, May 20, 2011

Searching for a shtick

Blogging is tricky business!  First, you have to come up with something to blog about and next, you need to have a few photos and maybe even a link or two to match your topic.  As for me and my camera skills, I think I’ve already proved that they are a bit lacking.  Not to mention the early onset Alzheimer's that causes me to forget to take the photos in the first place.  
And of course, there’s the matter of what to blog about.  If you know me personally, you know that I can ramble on for hours about nothing.  But do I really want my blog to be about me rambling?  No, not really.  Besides, what do I tend to ramble about?  My life.  Doing the dishes, the laundry & scrubbing bathrooms, over and over and over again.  Hauling the kids up and down the road to their various activities.  Knitting other people’s patterns and reading.  That pretty much sums up my life.  No one wants to read about that.
I need a shtick.  Something for this blog to be centered around.  Granted, I’d still want to ramble occasionally about my daily life, but I need a focus.  But what?  Everything I’ve come up with has already been done.  There are plenty of knitting blogs out there already.  There’s the blog about the woman who stopped eating out and only ate home cooked meals.  There’s a blog about a couple who stopped shopping, there’s a blog about a family who cooked entirely from scratch for a year.  
What’s left?  What can I blog about?  I keep thinking I want it to be something to do with the kitchen and me learning how to cook.  My kitchen skills are worse than my camera skills!  And watching me destroy the kitchen while I burn the house down could be entertaining, I suppose.  And I do have that 101 Goals list of trying out 101 new recipes.  In the process of cooking 101 different things, I’d learn something, right?
So ok, there’s my shtick.  Me learning to cook.  Or at least attempting to cook.  If I learn anything remains to be seen.  
But blogging about my learning to cook is proving to be more difficult than I expected.  I made two new dishes last night and had fully intended to document the process with photos then blog about it.  
I got out all my ingredients, measured everything out and put the bulky Tupperware containers away.  Then realized that I should have taken a photo of all the ingredients.  Ok, I’ll do that next time.  
I chopped all the veggies up, started the milk boiling and the oil heating in the pan.  Now it was time for the big event - separating an egg.  Three of them in fact.  And I did it!  But I was also covered in raw egg goo and there was no way I could photograph myself at the moment.  
Next, I had to quickly wash the egg off my hands so that I could deal with the milk that was boiling all over my freshly cleaned stove.  Because yes, I had cleaned my stove top off so that nothing gross would show up in the photos.  Except I’m now realizing that the camera is still in my purse.  I haven’t even brought it into the kitchen.  Which is probably a good thing considering the boiling milk & separated egg that is now covering every surface.  And of course, the smoke alarm is now going off due to the oil in the frying pan smoking because I’ve been focusing on the boiled over milk instead of the stir-fry pan.  I should probably video myself learning to cook instead of just taking pictures.  Then you could get the sound affects as well.
Eventually, I got my dad’s Spoonbread recipe into the oven and the Broccoli, Black Beans & Garlic stir fry frying.  I decided that this time around, I’d photograph the finished dishes rather than the process of creating them.  And I’d blog about the fact that I successfully separated three eggs and proceeded to beat the whites of those eggs until stiff.  A first for me.  
Miraculously, both dishes finished cooking at the same time.  Another first for me.  I can NEVER seem to time the individual dishes properly.  One thing is always stone cold by the time the other dish is ready.  But not tonight.  Woo-hoo!  I am on a roll.  They are both ready to eat at the same time, they both look and smell delicious, and I’m starving.  I dug in.  And then realized I was supposed to take photos.  Crud.  Actually, I thought about the photos when I was about half way through eating what was piled on my plate.  So no photos of the fresh from the oven dishes and no  photos of a carefully arranged plate.  I’ll just have to remember to do that next time.
Boy, this blogging is tricky business.

*Note:  The Broccoli, Black Beans & Garlic recipe came from    and my favorite Tupperware dealer is  And no, these are not paid advertisements.  I'm not benefiting in any way by mentioning them.

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