Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where's the swift?

Looky, looky, looky!  Look what showed up in my mailbox yesterday -

Oh, how I do love gift certificates and contest winnings!  And the only reason I'm typing this and not busy knitting is because I can't remember where I hid my swift and the fact that my left hand is still so cramped from yesterday's knitting excursion that I can't quite hold a needle today.

Yesterday was one of those glorious, perfect days that so rarely happen.  First, there was the cooperating weather.  Instead of the 100+ degrees and 4,000% humidity we've been experiencing lately, it never got out of the low 80's and there was no humidity.  And Zack was working which meant I got to drive him.  I will be so glad when he finally gets his license, although I will miss the "forced" knitting time.

Zack has a job clearing a jungle's worth of bamboo out of someone's yard, so while he chops down bamboo, I sit on their beautiful, shaded patio and knit.  The homeowner prefers that Zack not be left there alone because she's worried he'll fall & impale himself on a piece of bamboo.  It is kinda sharp.  My husband doesn't want him there alone because he's worried about snake attacks.  Personally, I'm quite happy to be "forced" to sit and knit while Zack works.  Specially on days like yesterday.  I was actually cold at first!  I was sitting there knitting away, wearing my running jacket (which luckily lives in the car for some strange reason) and a beach towel (which also lives in the car) wrapped around my chilly legs.

Normally, Zack only works a few hours per day.  It's just too hot, too many mosquitos and the work is too exhausting.  But yesterday, as I said, the weather was quite cooperative.  It was overcast at first, in the 60's & a breeze was blowing the bugs away.  Absolute perfect outdoor knitting & bamboo chopping weather.  Zack ended up working for five hours instead of the normal two.  Which meant five hours of knitting time for me.

I arrived home from "work" to find a whole new yarn stash had arrived.  Which of course led to fits and giggles and lots of heavy petting.  Next, there was the rush to get dinner cooked & everyone fed because it was knitting group night.  Another couple of hours of knitting time.

I got home from knitting group and struggled with the urge to instantly cast on some of the new yarn.  Eventually, the decision to finish at least one of my UFO's  before starting something new won out.   Mainly, that decision won because I can't quite remember where I put my swift.  Even as teens, my kids are fascinated by the swift and constantly play with it if it is left within their reach.   So, about an hour later, I was frantically knitting along on a stealth project when my left hand cramped up.  And refused to uncramp.  I have the feeling that eight hours of knitting in one day just may be my limit.

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