Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Long Week

It's been a slow, long week.  Actually, it's only been 4 days, but goodness!  It feels more like fourteen days.    First off, my computer's power cord, the one I'd just gotten for Christmas, started acting up and provided on again/off again power.  Luckily, it was still under warranty and I was able to replace it.  Gotta love warranties because power cords ain't cheap!

Friday afternoon, Sarah was sniffling a little but nothing major.  We had dinner and Hubby & I took off for "date night" at Best Buy to replace the computer cord.  Yeah, pretty dang exciting date night!  We got home and found Sarah laying on the couch, coughing her head off and with a fever of almost 104.   And did I mention she's on the couch?  In MY spot.  Contaminating MY space.

Ordinarily, we don't go to the doctor unless there are bones showing or someone has stopped breathing, but Sarah's been getting a sore throat/cold every month for what seems like years.  Something is obviously wrong, so bright and early Saturday morning, we took off for the doctor's office.  Several hundred dollars later, she left the doctor's office with a positive flu test, and a prescription for some antibiotics for a throat infection, not strep - just your garden variety type infection.

On the way home, we filled her prescription and stocked up on Niquil.  Once we got home, Sarah promptly fell asleep in my spot on the couch while clutching the Niquil bottle.  Wish I'd taken a photo.  At the first mention of flu, the boys packed their bags and took off to spend a few days at Grandma's house.   I proceeded to tip-toe around the house so as not to wake Sarah.   I also used "being quiet so I don't wake Sarah" as an excuse to park my butt in a chair and read most of the day.

On Sunday, I was actually pretty productive with the house work while Sarah dozed and coughed.  Monday brought an end to the productivity though.  Sarah decided to take a shower, got dizzy while she was in there (a nice side affect of the antibiotic) and passed out.  On her way down, she wiped out the shower curtain & it's rod which proceeded to wipe out a zillion shampoo bottles, a bunch of decorative stuff and a picture that had been hanging on the wall.  You should have heard the noise it made!  Scared me half to death.  Scared Sarah half to death as well.  Once we got her dried off and dressed, I spent the rest of the day watching her lay on the couch.  I was afraid to leave her alone.  Actually, I'm still afraid to leave her alone.  Finding your baby half way unconscious in the bathtub, under a pile of shower curtain and broken debris is not a helpful thing for a paranoid, over protective mother.

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