Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wetting My Pants

I am SO excited!  Actually, the whole family is so excited we are all about to wet our pants.  We are getting real internet service on Monday.  Real, high speed, unlimited internet.  And TV!  No more going over our limit and being charged double.  No more waiting 30 minutes for a page to load.  No more having the internet disconnect because it thinks it's gone dormant when in fact, it's really just taking that long to load a page.  We'll get to watch youtube videos!  And videos of knitting demonstrations and friends'  kids' recitals and school plays and all the other stuff friends send me in video format that I can't currently watch.  And let's don't forget the TV.  We've been living with "free TV" for over a year.  Which basically means we get one channel if, and only if, the sky is clear and the humidity levels are just right.  I'll finally get to find out what all the hoop-la about True Blood, The Office & Mad Men is all about.  Of course, those shows may not even be on TV anymore, but that's ok.  I'll get to discover my own favorite shows.

Real internet and TV!  I seriously may wet my pants.  And, the two combined will be $30 cheaper than what we've been paying for our slow speed, ridiculously limited internet.  Real, high speed internet, TV and money saved!   I really might wet my pants!

I'm a little worried though.  Currently, I knit while I wait for the screen to change.  Recently, I knit a shawl, start to finish, in three days while I sat waiting on the computer.  High speed internet may seriously cut into my knitting time.

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