Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Phew!  That was exciting!  We just had an earthquake.  A 5.9.   In Virginia.  I live about 20 miles from the epicenter and about all I can say is, Holy Monsters!  You know how your out-of-balance washing machine rocks & shakes?  Well, picture your house pretending to be a huge, gigantic out-of-balance washer.   Crazy!!   I was sitting on the front porch & had to hold on the railing to go down the 3 steps to keep from falling down!

What amazes me, with all that shaking, we had no real damage.  The fake gas logs in the fire place aren't in the exact same spot they were, but the gas isn't leaking.  The front door shook & waved so much that I could see daylight between the door & the frame, but the glass didn't crack & the lock still works.   Things fell off the walls, but nothing broke.  The cups & bowls stacked in the cupboard fell over & the cabinet doors all flew open, but nothing fell out or broke.  The water in the dog's bowl spilled out and the hand soap fell into the sink.  All of my son's CD's are now on the floor.  (Won't he be happy about that when he gets home from Grandma's!) 

Amazingly, there are no cracks in the walls or windows.

And of course, our dead and dangerously leaning tree out in the yard is still dead & leaning, exactly like it was before.  

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