Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Epic Failure

As I mentioned before, one of my 101 goals is to post a photo to this blog every day for a month.  I was pretty worried about that goal.  Besides the fact that I am NOT a photographer, my life is not all that exciting.  What on earth would I take photos of?  Then I realized how much my Christmas decorations mean to me and how many memories they bring to mind.  I decided to photograph them, or to at least photograph something that made me think of Christmas.

That project was working fairly well until my computer died.  Actually and thankfully, my power cord died, not the computer itself.  Phew!  Santa brought me a new power cord and all is well again, except I totally lost my motivation for snapping pictures of Christmas stuff.  As every year, by about 8 p.m. on Christmas night, I was so sick of all the Christmas hoop-la that I just wanted to cram all the red & green back into their storage boxes and put them away until next year.  And as every other year, I ignored the urge to pack it all away until New Year's Day.  However, as I've done every other year, I simply avoided the living room where the tree and majority of Christmas bling resides.  In other words, I avoided looking at or even thinking about any further Christmas memories.  And as the good, traditional girl that I am, on New Year's Day, I got up, sucked down a cup or two of coffee and promptly crammed all the red & green back into the attic.

So, the idea of photographing my Christmas memories was, in the words of my teens, an Epic Failure.  The new plan is to wait until February before I try again.  After all, my goal is to take a picture every day for "a month."  The goal says nothing about 30 or 31 days, just a month.  And since February is short....

In the mean time,

Happy New Year!

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